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OEM Auto Glue Dispenser WillDone 1
OEM Auto Glue Dispenser WillDone 2
OEM Auto Glue Dispenser WillDone 3
OEM Auto Glue Dispenser WillDone 4
OEM Auto Glue Dispenser WillDone 5
OEM Auto Glue Dispenser WillDone 6
OEM Auto Glue Dispenser WillDone 1
OEM Auto Glue Dispenser WillDone 2
OEM Auto Glue Dispenser WillDone 3
OEM Auto Glue Dispenser WillDone 4
OEM Auto Glue Dispenser WillDone 5
OEM Auto Glue Dispenser WillDone 6

OEM Auto Glue Dispenser WillDone

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Related Parameters

Model WILLDONE  983A
Feed flow time  0.01s-1S,0.1s-10S,0.2s-20s,0.3s-30s (digital demonstrated that digital control point rubber time, precision high)
Inner voltage 12VDC/24VDC
Power supply < 8W
Input air pressure/output air pressure 10-100PSI/1-80SI
Input barometric pressure 0.5 Mpa 10.7 MPa
Output barometric pressure 0.05 MPa 10.7 MPa
Spitting pressure adjustment range 0.05Mpa-0.99Mpa
Auto setting spitting time 0.01-99.99ss
Repeat accuracy 0.5%


Intelligent dispensing mode optional,with strong pertinence,applicable for multiple instilling processes;up-to-date technology adopted.By controlling air pressure and time setting,rationed accurate instill of liquid,it is a solution for the quantification of liquid during processes of industrial products,for improvement of productivity.

Range of application:instilling of rubber gum elastomer,red glue,Spirit Gum,epoxy resin,silicon adhesive,lubricant,screw tightening adhesive,Solder tin paste,etc.

Liquid containers and glue needles come in different sizes and materials, and you can choose the right combination for you.

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Visible Digital DisplayDispensing time visible, count down setting. For example, if you set 8 seconds, the it’ll display like 8, 7, 6 ... till it reaches 0 then glue will be dispensed. The whole process is more visual.Interval Time SetIt decides how many times the glue will be dispensed. Simple and Convenient.Intelligent Digital ControllerWith built-in digital controller, it digitized and quantified everything you need -- time and amount -- which is more precise and controllable.Anti-skid & Anti-scratch SurfaceThe machine adopts ion plating technology with beautiful coating design making it anti-skid and anti-scratch thus enjoy longer service life and easy to clean at the same time.High-precision Air Pressure GaugeControlling and Monitoring input air pressure in real time, better control the operating process and ensure its safety.Foot Pedal & Manual SwitchThe machine is equipped with manual switch and foot pedal to control the dispensing. You could choose each one according to your preference.Vacuum Suction FunctionThis machine is equipped with vacuum suction function which prevents glue from dripping or leaking during the process. It especially fits for thin glue. Turn it on after sucking thin glue into the syringe and adjust slowly and properly, then the glue won’t leak everywhere even if it has liquid-like consistency.

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Product Details

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Company Advantages

· With a team of experts and the state-of-the-art technology, WillDone auto glue dispenser is manufactured according to the requirements of lean production methods.

· The product is resistant to chemical corrosion. Its corrosion-resistant metal frame is treated with a special finish which allows it to be used outdoors.

· Tasks which are too heavy or too delicate for a human to do can be done easily by this product. It really makes people's jobs easier.

Company Features

· With a strong competence in manufacturing auto glue dispenser, Shenzhen Willdone Technology Co. LTD has held a strong position in the domestic market.

· WillDone's technology is at the forefront of auto glue dispenser industry and provides a solid base for the company's future growth.

· Shenzhen Willdone Technology Co. LTD will continuously carry out strategic innovation and market innovation. Call now!

Application of the Product

WillDone's auto glue dispenser is widely used in multiple industries and fields.

WillDone insists on providing customers with reasonable solutions according to their actual needs.

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