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Semi Automatic Tape Dispenser Supply 1
Semi Automatic Tape Dispenser Supply 2
Semi Automatic Tape Dispenser Supply 3
Semi Automatic Tape Dispenser Supply 4
Semi Automatic Tape Dispenser Supply 5
Semi Automatic Tape Dispenser Supply 6
Semi Automatic Tape Dispenser Supply 1
Semi Automatic Tape Dispenser Supply 2
Semi Automatic Tape Dispenser Supply 3
Semi Automatic Tape Dispenser Supply 4
Semi Automatic Tape Dispenser Supply 5
Semi Automatic Tape Dispenser Supply 6

Semi Automatic Tape Dispenser Supply


Company Advantages

· WillDone semi automatic tape dispenser is manufactured using foreign advance technology.

· The product is highly praised and has a long service life.

· With strong production strength, WillDone guarantees the bulk production of semi automatic tape dispenser as well as the high quality.

Automatic Tape Dispenser Parameters



Cut Length

5- 999 mm

Tape Width

6- 60 mm

Usable Tape

Filament, Strong, Acetate Cloth, Glass Cloth, Double -Sided, Normex, Pre-stick, Cellophane, Craft, Masking, Plastic, and more.

Tape Thickness


Usable Non Adhesive Material

Protection Film, Paper Tape, Insulation Film, Aluminum Foil, Copper Foil etc.

Feeding Speed

200 mm/ sec 50pcs/min (when cut Craft Tape)

Max Outside Diameter

300 mm


Power Cord, 2A Fuse (Built-In Inlet), Separator, Guide Plate, Tweezers, Blade Oil.

Body Material

Anti-Static ABS

Power Requirements

AC 220V/100V 50/60Hz 25W


116 mm(W)x140 mm(L)x2 13 mm(H)





Can adjust to fit different width and length rolls.

Compact body answers to Cell-System.

Fits up to 2 rolls at the same time.

Preset number of shots from a digital counter.

Support both 110v and 220v.

Free to set up six different tape length.

clamshell design, convenient to replace parts and more durable use.

Usable Non-adhesive Material.

Protection film, paper tape, insulation film, aluminum foil, copper foil etc.

Semi Automatic Tape Dispenser Supply 7

Product Advantages

Semi Automatic Tape Dispenser Supply 9
ZCUT-9GR tape dispenser with clamshell design and free to set up six different tape length.
Semi Automatic Tape Dispenser Supply 10
It's convenient to replace spare parts .most spare parts was imported from Japan to assembled with high quality. Machine with long lifespan for use, good cutting effiency,low noice, low failure rate.

Product Details


Company Features

· As an internationally famous manufacturer for semi automatic tape dispenser, Shenzhen Willdone Technology Co. LTD is reliable for its high quality.

· We possess a proficient and competent QC team in our factory. By using various kinds of testing devices, they can ensure the highest level of products and comply fully with guidelines in the semi automatic tape dispenser industry.

· We have gained a great deal of awareness towards the maintenance of natural ecological balance. During our production, we will oblige social responsibility. For example, we will be very careful about effluent disposal.

Product Details

Compared with ordinary products, our semi automatic tape dispenser has the specific differences as follows.

Application of the Product

The semi automatic tape dispenser developed and produced by our company can be widely used in various industries and professional fields.

We listen carefully to customer's requests and provide targeted solutions based on the bottleneck of customer. Therefore, we can help our customers to better solve problems.

Product Comparison

Compared with other products in the same category, semi automatic tape dispenser has the following competitive advantages.

Enterprise Advantages

We have gathered a group of enterprise management personnel, technicians and processing personnel with rich industry experience. It builds a stable foundation for our continuous development and growth.

The ability to provide service is one of the standards for judging whether an enterprise is successful or not. It is also related to the satisfaction of consumers or clients for the enterprise. All these are important factors influencing the economic benefit and social impact of the enterprise. Based on the short-term goal to meet customers' needs, we provide diverse and quality services and bring good experience with the comprehensive service system.

Based on the tenet of 'honesty, commitment, and operation', our company adheres to the business philosophy of 'people-oriented, customer first', and advocates the spirit of 'integrity, unity, dedication, and struggle'. We persistently provide high-quality Automatic screw feeder,electric screwdriver,automatic tape dispenser and sincere and professional services.

Founded in our company has been producing and processing products for years.

Apart from sales in many cities in China, our products are also exported to Southeast Asia, Africa and other foreign countries, and are highly praised by local consumers.

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