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Wholesale Lcd Bubble Remover WillDone Brand 1
Wholesale Lcd Bubble Remover WillDone Brand 2
Wholesale Lcd Bubble Remover WillDone Brand 3
Wholesale Lcd Bubble Remover WillDone Brand 4
Wholesale Lcd Bubble Remover WillDone Brand 1
Wholesale Lcd Bubble Remover WillDone Brand 2
Wholesale Lcd Bubble Remover WillDone Brand 3
Wholesale Lcd Bubble Remover WillDone Brand 4

Wholesale Lcd Bubble Remover WillDone Brand


Company Advantages

· Continuously improved management system makes sure the production process of WillDone lcd bubble remover runs smoothly and efficiently.

· An appropriate programmed of quality control (qc) must be implemented in its production.

· This product can easily stand at par with the international competition.

Related Parameters

Model TBK 208C Power 500W
Voltage 110V-220V Noise 1-50dB
Dimensions Of Working Cabin 240*320*50mm Product size 410*310*420mm
Net Weight 37.4kg Package Size 440*340*450mm
Gross Weight 51kg    


Willdone TBK 408F laminating macine is new arrival product which can laminate Ipad 15 inch LCD maximum as well as any straight and curved LCD screen for all types of mobile phone including iphone.


Product Advantages

Wholesale Lcd Bubble Remover WillDone Brand 7
3-in-1 vacuum defoaming, curved screen, straight screen, flat panel, one machine to solve all...
Wholesale Lcd Bubble Remover WillDone Brand 8
Each brand model quick choice
Wholesale Lcd Bubble Remover WillDone Brand 9
Aviation grade raw materials, vacuum defoaming sealing is very strong

Product Details

Intelligent Lamination and defoaming Integrated machine
1 25mm large rod cylinder. The four guide rods ft smoothly. 15 inch large capacity integrated warehouse
Sealing vacuum Super strong defoaming
Three in one vacuum bubble removal, with one curved screen mobile phone/straight screenmobile phone/tablet computer
Intelligent and convenient system. Fast, convenient and accurate
Humanized interface, simple design,easy operation. All parameters are at a glance, and eight adjustable quick laminating buttons
Models of various brands Quick Select
The models of various brands match the parameters quickly, making the lamination more accurate
Aviation aluminum all-in-one chamber
Integrated forming of the bin, more sealed without air leakage Laminated defoaming effect is better!
Adaptive inductive lock Multiple guarantees
Equipped with self-locking sensor, when the door is not closed tightly The air pump cannot work normally without air intake!
Press down steadily Vacuum Lamination
Three in one vacuum lamination, curved screen mobile phone/straight screen mobile phone/tablet computer
Press down steadily Vacuum Lamination
125MM large rod cylinder
Press down steadily Vacuum Lamination
The four guide rods and the cylinder shaft are pressed and laminated synchronously and stably

Company Features

· WillDone has been exporting its high quality lcd bubble remover for many years.

· Our company has abundant human resources. Most of them are professionals in the lcd bubble remover industry who can deploy their comprehensive knowledge and innovation to guarantee the reliability and performance of our products. The factory has advanced machinery and equipment. Continued investment in these facilities is related to the adoption and dissemination of the latest technology, which is the key to increasing our productivity. So far, we have established good relationships with many customers. Our ability to produce products in a shorter period of time allows us to expand our customer base and potentially expand into all lcd bubble remover markets.

· The Core Values of Shenzhen Willdone Technology Co. LTD is creating value for customers. Get quote!

Enterprise Advantages

Our company owns independent technology research and development team and professional technical engineers. They put the innovative research and development concept into every aspect of product design, production and development.

WillDone offers technical training for customers freely. Moreover, we respond quickly to customer feedback and provide timely, thoughtful and high-quality services.

During the production, our company advances with the times and pays attention to independent innovation and strict control in quality. Based on the core values of 'first-class service, first-class quality, first-class enterprise', we intend to be innovative, hard-working and tenacious, and promise to be your best partner with the best reputation.

Over years, WillDone has experienced a development stage from nothing to all, from small to large and from weak to strong. Now we are a modern manufacture company with large-scale and huge-impact.

WillDone's products are favored by domestic and foreign customers.

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